Welcome to the Mid West // USA Trip

In November I was invited to be an Artist in Residence for The House of Songs and The Momentary/Crystal Bridges based out of Bentonville, Arkansas where (when I wasn’t bed-ridden with super flu) I spent my days writing songs and wandering around an incredibly beautiful part of the world. All of these photos were taken by me except the last two, they were taken by a lovely man called Evan.

Autumn in this part of the world is something to behold, the colours are just so incredibly bold and the sky is unlike anything I’ve experienced.

The highlight of my trip, I Must admit, was meeting the Women of the Matriarch and being a guest for the dress run of their performance piece for Crystal Bridges Museum. I was also lucky enough to meet another wonderful artist Tanya Linklater and spend time with her and her collaborators - I learnt so much about the differences and similarities between First Nation Australians and First Nation Americans and First Nation Canadians. What an incredible histories and cultures we have.