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Friday 17th November 2018

Recorded over three years (2013-2015) at Midnight Oil legend Jim Moginie’s Oceanic Studios in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, the album reflects the mentoring collaboration between Moginie and Flanagan.

“Before I recorded my last album Saudades, I spent some time in the studio with Jim working on a bunch of songs that I had written but wasn’t quite sure what to do with. It was a wonderful learning process for me as I’ve never spent a great deal of time in the recording studio. Jim gave the confidence to trust in my own ideas and the time to experiment with sounds and instruments I hadn’t used previously in a live or recording environment. I’m proud of these songs and our little collaboration”. Said Flanagan.

OCEANIC SESSIONS captures the many shades of reflection and refraction of human interactions. You’re captivated by Flanagan’s enduring vocal deliver from the opening song: a yearning rendition of Don Walker’s ‘Girl With The Bluebird’. The album shifts between sweet echoes of ‘Minor Birds’ to nostalgic, smoldering blues of ‘Bay of Broken Dreams’. Tracks ‘Waiting on the Good Man’ and ‘Chloe in the Window Box’ are inspired by the poetry of Sam Wagan Watson, which Flanagan originally wrote for ‘Midnight Muses: It Begins to Tell’ performed at Adelaide Cabaret Festival and Sydney Festival. Other highlights on OCEANIC SESSIONS includes ‘You Belong to Me’ performed in duet with fellow Darwin artist Ursula Yovich, the heart achingly raw ‘Bring Her Home’, the original demo of ‘Tell You’ from Flanagan’s second album SAUDADES and ‘Silver Linings’ a crooning, day-dreaming love song about the beauty of contrast.

The third release from Flanagan is the perfect match for a nostalgia filled evening for those who love the crooners and those who appreciate sophisticated music sensibilities and a timeless voice.

New Music:
"Girl With The Bluebird"

Hello friends!
I'm so close to releasing another album so I won't bore you with too much blah just yet.
I wanted to share with you the Don Walker song I recorded unexpectedly with Jim Moginie one afternoon while we were putting the finishing touches on an album we'd been working on. This particular song was one I'd been playing live in bars around Sydney whilst testing my new tunes out on various audiences and it always was well received. It was recorded in a couple of takes, live, raw, and after a long afternoon of vocal takes and to our surprise, turned out beautifully.
Some of you may recognise it as it is a classic Tex, Don and Charlie song from their Sad But Truealbum - one of my all time favourite records.
Have a listen to "Girl With The Bluebird" here.


SPOTIFY PLAYLIST II: First Storytellers Songs First

Hi Friends,

Every few months I will be putting together a Spotify Playlist featuring First Nation Songwriters whom I adore and think the world needs to know about as many of these artists are my dear friends and peers. I am so lucky that Simon Marnie from ABC Radio Sydney 702 has asked me to feature on his Sonic Journey program each time I release a new playlist of songs. This month features: Emily Wuramarra, Yirrmal, Bow and Arrow, Lou Bennett and the Sweet Cheeks, Casi Williams, Black Indie and Robbie Miller and more.

Release: Thursday 11th May, 2017  

Release: Thursday 11th May, 2017  

Leah Flanagan is offering music lovers a perpetual live experience with ‘Live at the Bella Union’ – a 6 track release due Thursday May 11 that captures Flanagan’s captivating style and the prolific musical talents of her band including Adam Pringle, Tim Curnick and Evan Mannell.

The release is a live taste of Flanagan’s second LP ‘Saudades’ (released Sept 2016) recorded live by Nigel Swifte on Nov 4, 2016 at the Bella Union in Melbourne as part of the Saudades National Tour.

And it comes at an exciting time for Flanagan as she is due to have her first child in May.

“It was a beautiful intimate crowd full of faces familiar and new. I was pregnant with my first child during the tour and at the time the news was still a hush. So I’ve decided to release Live at the Bella Union to give people a chance to hear the Saudades album live and because I won’t have the ability to tour as much in 2017 as I’ll be dedicating my time to being a new mum.” Flanagan said.

There are few artists who use emotion and allure the way Leah Flanagan does. The prolific artist has been capturing hearts for over a decade – an incredible feat for an independent artist and testament to the timeless beauty and magnetic pull of her music. Leah captivates audiences. She draws them into her songs. And she holds them with her the complexities of her enduring vocal delivery. 

Old Fashioned
Speak Your Language
Two Words

Performed by Leah Flanagan, Adam Pringle, Tim Curnick and Evan Mannell.
Recorded live, mixed and mastered by Nigel Swifte.
Photography by Lavonne Bobongie.

Released Independently and distributed through iTunes and Bandcamp via the ONLINE STORE.



Friends! Over the years I have been lucky enough to play live, collaborate and tour with some of the most amazing Australian Artists. As a First Nations person I am also proud of the songwriters that are in my community. In tribute to these artists I've put together a playlist of some contemporary artists making music in Australia today...

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